Make your own creepy Kilner jars for Halloween

You will need:


Step 1
Die-cut three cobwebs from 300gsm card.

Step 2
Cut to size to fit around the jar.

Step 3
Stick the cobwebs to the jar with the craft adhesive.

Step 4
Apply two coats of chalkboard paint excluding the thread on the neck.

Step 5
Mix white acrylic to the chalkboard paint to make a mid-grey colour and lightly apply to the jar using a natural sponge. Make sure that the black paint shows through, especially around the raised areas of the cobwebs and letters.

Step 6
Mix in some yellow paint to the grey and add to the jar concentrating on the raised areas such as the Kilner® embossment and cobwebs to bring out the texture.

Step 7
Paint the plastic skull with the chalkboard paint and apply the same techniques as above.

Step 8
Trim a few lengths of grey netting and drape around the lid of the jar.

Step 9
Secure with lengths of twine.

Step 10
To create the tag, apply distress ink to two shades of grey card. Stamp a suitable design onto the darker rectangle.

Step 11
Die-cut the tag and sentiment ‘Wicked’ from the Vintage Spirits die set and attach them with staples.

Step 12
Add the tag to the jar and you now have one spooky jar!

Images & tutorial courtesy of Sizzix Lifestyle