We started our journey as a small company with a simple philosophy, to bring Asian products to a Western audience in 1994. Even back then, it was clear to us, good design shouldn’t cost the earth, and so Typhoon was born. Design-led kitchenware at affordable prices. Simple!

Our travels have taken us far and wide. In every corner of the globe there is a gem of an idea that needs a bit of Typhoon love and attention.

From well-crafted scales and colorful well-proportioned storage jars with a vintage feel and high quality woks, we are focused on bringing great designs to life in the kitchen.

Our talented designers and product developers now create collections of innovative products for international audiences. We have three warehouses covering North and South America, Asia and the Far East, the UK and Europe.

And so from a little bamboo seed of an idea, and over a period spanning 20 years, Typhoon has chartered the waters of housewares internationally. Most exciting of all is the future, new products, new ideas and new technologies. One thing on our journey has always remained the same and is at the heart of everything we do… Design-led kitchenware at affordable prices. Simple!

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